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cause i don’t wanna know

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#These three quotes are impressively indicative of the Doctor’s personality in each incarnation #Nine was cold and broken from the war always seeing the worst and blaming the ‘stupid apes’ #until Rose came along and started to fix him - started to make him better and showed him how fantastic everything actually was #And most importantly that he’s not this horrible person who committed genocide and killed his whole planet and people #He did what he had to do and despite it all you know what? he was fantastic. #Ten on the other hand - so incredibly human #He felt everything on such a deeper emotional level than any of his previous incarnations #‘the one adventure i can never have’ with the one person he was essentially made for (and because of) #He’s probably the only version who has ever or will ever want the potential of that adventure #And finally Eleven #Eleven who was born out of Ten’s despair and his ‘I dont want to go’ #Whose levels of self-hatred are so high that he locked himself and Amy and Rory in a dream state just to essentially kill himself #Who opened Door 11 in the hotel and said ‘who else?’ #He doesn’t let anyone close anymore - even Amy - and hides behind his childish exterior and ‘bowties are cool’ distractions #He knows the only one he will have left is the TARDIS #Amy and Rory are married and he’s already seen the death of River Song #Eleven is definitely a madman with the only companion he has left - his blue box #ugh my heart #WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (via winterinthetardis)



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→ Endless Moments: This morning I woke up,looked at the Connecticut sky.I had a good...


This morning I woke up,
looked at the Connecticut sky.
I had a good feeling
I can’t tell you why.

I kissed Mommy goodbye,
and told Daddy I love you.
And before we separated at the sign,
I told sister see you soon.

The bell rung,
we all rushed inside.
It was warm and loving
like a campfire…

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AU Meme: Niall’s suicide tape, given to the boys.

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um why has no one picked up on the fact that during live performances liam is always the one yelling at the crowd commanding them to ‘sing it’ or ‘say it louder’ like are we overlooking the correlation between that and the bedroom i mean he probably makes you scream his name out loud and tell him how good he feels why is no one talking about this

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AU Meme → Harry Styles; cancer victim

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What if on the last episode of BTR they put a title thing saying ‘the musical journey ends’ but then they put ‘but the dream lives on’(or something like that) then they show the Showverse guys where they are in like 5 years. then after that, during the credits, its photos of the cast and crew throughout the years and then right before it ends completely, it shows the guys in big time audition agreeing on big time rush. 

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Crying. Really crying. I don’t believe the “If you’re a directioner, you would reblog this” But if you truly care, you’ll cry.

Legit sobbing right now 

no. this is not okay. u can’t say that. it hasn’t happened yet. nooooo :’(


dammit reagan why would you reblog this & make me see it?

ugh my heart just broke

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