can I name all four? :D

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Me: I stay for Kendall.
Logan: Oh, hey, look at that photoset they just posted of me. Look at my crooked smile in this one, oh, wait, look, I'm biting my lips on this one! But what about that one where I'm wearing those shades and that fitted cap?
Me: Go away, Logan! I stay for Kendall!
James: Heyyy, look at those gifs they just posted of me! Look at my hair pushed back in that one! But look, I'm smiling on this one, you know bitches love when I smile!
Me: James, shut up! I stay for--
Carlos: Look, my dad just tweeted a baby picture of me! Look how cute I was! Am I adorable or what?
Me: Stap itttt! Shut up, SHUT UP! I stay for Kendall!!!!!
That awkward moment when you’re jealous of two horses..


Malese Jow….cool story and all bro but seriously? Big Time Rocker would have been the Perfect episode for Dustin Belt to guest star in, he plays guitar and sings, why the hell not?




 i totally agree! dustin needs to be in an episode.


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Only rushers know what I mean! 

Reblog if you get it!

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→ Keeps you running through my mind 24/7 days a week: Today, a girl in my music class asked me what kind of music I listen to.


My friend’s like, “No, don’t ask her about - “


I’m like, “BIG TIME RUSH.”


And the girl is just like:


I go, “I love them all but if I had to pick a favorite, it’d be Logan cause he’s so cute ! But then again Kendall’s eyes are enough to make a girl have a baby…but have you seen…

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Oh my god next week big time rocker and a new song!



i’m so fucking ready for this shit 

reblogging for the gif

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When I Pick up the new BTR cd! :)


waking up:

Driving to get the CD:

Going into the store:

looking at the CD cover and seeing how hot they look:

Buying CD:

listening to CD:

Cd ends:

wait…I can play it again!: 

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Carlos: Are you ready?
James: Wh-?
Logan: Ready for your haircut?

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the new Big Time Rush album..


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