What I’m going to be doing while Big Time Strike is on


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So we have…


Kendall and his fucking got damn hat.

Really? Did you have to wear it fucking backwards?

James and his fucking white shirts.

What the hell man, you can’t do this & expect me not to rape you.

Logan and his fucking stripes.

The fuck man, you aren’t waldo.

And then we have Carlos fucking Pena IN.RED.PANTS.

What where blue pant’s just not sexy enough for you?

Got dammit these boys will be the death of me.

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Big Time Strike.

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Listening to the new BTR album like:


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Malese Jow….cool story and all bro but seriously? Big Time Rocker would have been the Perfect episode for Dustin Belt to guest star in, he plays guitar and sings, why the hell not?




 i totally agree! dustin needs to be in an episode.


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When I Pick up the new BTR cd! :)


waking up:

Driving to get the CD:

Going into the store:

looking at the CD cover and seeing how hot they look:

Buying CD:

listening to CD:

Cd ends:

wait…I can play it again!: 

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→ All about our Swag Logan Henderson ;))): Reblog if u do this...


All the dance moves to all of their songs.

Who sings which parts, including the back-up vocals.

The position they are in for any kind of guy while performing it.

You know exactly when Logan says ” rock with us guys” in nothing even matters while performing.

You know that Logan changed up…

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When someone say’s they hate big time rush…


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→ Stage Five Rusher(:: Worldwide Girls...


How in the hell are they so calm?!

If I was up there I’d be all:


I’d make a HUGE fool out of myself because if I was sitting next to them, my excitement would be uncontainable. But who could contain themselves? Get real. James fucking Maslow is holding my motherfucking hand. I’m not about…

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When you’re watching Big Time Rush…


 a kissing scene comes on.

you’re just like:


someone tells you to change the channel you’re like:


Then they all do something funny you’re all:

And when it’s over and you have nothing else to do with your life:


so you decide to go troll yourself on tumblr.


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