New Big Time Rush promo/episode/song?


get the fuck out the way

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→ Second ✰ to the right & straight on till morning: Big Time Rush fans


The ones who favor one boy over the others

The ones that get really touched by them

The slutty ones

The ones who ship them together

The ones that roll with the punches

The ones that get jealous of potential girlfriends

The over protective ones

The half…

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This explains itself.

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Reblog if you are a rusher




no matter what I will always be a rusher<3

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→ Kendall Schmidt Lover!(:: My reactions during every episode of big time rush.The beginning...


My reactions during every episode of big time rush.

The beginning where they show what the show will be about..

The theme song comes on…

We figure out the main big problem that the guys are having..

Gustavo yells at my boys..


it comes back on…


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